Catering for the ride.

We offer light meals like breakfast or sandwiches, and a bit of luxury like fruit, sweets, pastry, chips, coffee, soft drinks, wine etc.

In general, catering must be ordered 48 hours before the trip at the latest, but you are always welcome to ask if we can help at a shorter notice.

Below options are to be regarded as examples, please do not hesitate to ask for other possibilities. All prices are in DKK and incl. of 25 % VAT.


1/1 Wholemeal bun with butter, cheese, jam, juice and coffee / tea

kr. 65,00

Big Sandwich

kr. 45,00

Flute “big”

kr. 55,00

Chicken salad

kr. 50,00

Coffee/Tea ad libitum – 15 DKK per person per day

Danish Pastry

kr. 25,00 stk.


kr. 10,00  stk.

White Wine

kr. 40,00  18,7 cl.

Goodie bag with water

kr. 60,00

Goodie bag with wine

kr. 85,00

Beer  kr. 15,00 33 cl.

Soft drinks kr. 15,00 33 cl.

Water (still) kr. 15,00 ½ ltr.

Chips kr. 20,00 60 gram